Helen Anderson Sharp Opportunity Award

Helen Anderson Sharp grew up in Union County in the 1920s and 1930s. She was constantly learning from her parents, who were both schoolteachers, and skipped several grades to become Salutatorian of Union County High School at age 14. She later graduated from the University of Tennessee at a time when the options for women were very circumscribed. Still, she became one of the first administrative employees at the then-secretive Oak Ridge WWII facility. She married in 1949 and became a full-time mother and manager of the family real estate. Over her life, she devoted herself to her children’s development, always being supportive of new experiences and non-judgmental of failure. She retained her inquisitive approach to life and remained conversant on public, business, and current affairs until her death at almost 98 years of age.

Now, by offering the Helen Anderson Sharp Opportunity Award, Helen’s children want to help young women have enriching and pivotal experiences that will propel their career choices and expand their mentor network.

Thank you for your support of the Helen Anderson Sharp Opportunity Award!

Read more about Helen here: http://mjsharp.com/Helen_Sharp.html